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The TRUTH About Raw Cruciferous Vegetables, Goitrogens, and Thyroid Function


  Do raw cruciferous vegetables hurt your thyroid? I can’t tell you how many times I get asked that question. And it’s totally valid since there’s so much confusion out there on this topic. And if you’re someone who has hypothyroidism or low thyroid function, then I can understand why you’d want the answer to […]

Is Your Diet Causing Anxiety Symptoms? Take this 30-Second Stress Test and Find Out


We’ve all experienced anxiety in our daily lives- difficulties at work, relationship troubles, or money woes are just some of the triggers that induce stress. Although most of these stressors are out of our control, there are some factors driving our anxiety that we can control. You may be surprised to realize the foods you […]

The ONE Drink That Actually Gives You a Better Body…and No, It’s Not Water


It’s likely you clicked on this article because the title sounded so enticing. ONE DRINK that does it all? Yep, it’s thing. And no, it’s not a drink I’ve bottled. It’s not a supplement I’m selling. It’s not a big secret, either. As a passionate nutritionist and active member of the online fitness community, I […]