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The ONE Drink That Actually Gives You a Better Body…and No, It’s Not Water


It’s likely you clicked on this article because the title sounded so enticing. ONE DRINK that does it all? Yep, it’s thing. And no, it’s not a drink I’ve bottled. It’s not a supplement I’m selling. It’s not a big secret, either. As a passionate nutritionist and active member of the online fitness community, I […]

The 6 Most Common GMO Foods PLUS Healthy Swaps, So You Don’t Have To Miss Corn


I recently shared my Top 5 Shopping Tips to Help You Avoid GMOs. If you haven’t yet read them, click over and check them out before you go grocery shopping again. They’ll make your next trip quick, simple, and healthier than ever. When it comes to food there are several excellent reasons to avoid GMOs (genetically modified organisms). The […]

The Easy-To-Understand GMO Guide: PLUS 5 Simple Shopping Tricks to Avoid Frankenfood


GMO Foods, aka Genetically Modified Organisms, have recently received front-and-center focus in the food world. Big food, government, and a vibrant grassroots effort continue to argue about the need (and the lack of need) for products with GMO foods being clearly labeled for consumers. With hundreds of headlines, dozens of conflicting studies, and accusations in […]